Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Gallery - Nature

This weeks Gallery theme is Nature, and is sponsored by organic chocolate makers Green and Blacks.

(You can help them out by doing a very quick online survey here. I've done it, it only takes 3 mins - yes I timed it!)

A real indulgence for me is a bar of Green and Blacks Maya Gold. Yum!
(Did you know Maya Gold was the first product in the UK to be awarded a Fairtrade status?)

What has this got to do with my Nature post you may ask?
Green and Blacks are passionate about ethical, fair trade and organic products. And this is something that is close to my heart. 
Just as their products are 'created without compromise', I hope to raise Ffion without compromise, with a passion for the world she lives in - the nature that surrounds her, nurtures her, feeds her, clothes her. 

The nature that can give so plentifully but also take away. 

I hope she will embrace and enjoy all elements of nature - the mountains and rivers, trees and flowers, the animals and her fellow humans - but in the same breath, hold a deep respect for it.

Raised without Compromise

Just a photo I snapped on my phone (I've taken nearly 2000 images on my phone since having it in October!). 

She's just started walking - just a few months and she'll be able to help me collect the eggs from our free-range chickens and pick veg from the garden, we'll paddle in the river, climb the trees, we'll run in the rain, cuddle up by the log-burner on snowy nights, run our fingers through the meadow flowers in the summer, we'll learn bird calls and how to recognise trees and their leaves. I'm so excited just thinking about it.

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