Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Gallery - Self Portrait

The theme of this weeks Gallery by Tara Cain is Self Portrait - "Imagine in years to come, your children looking back over photographs of their childhood. Are you in it? Are you always behind the camera? Our photographs are the story of our lives, and even if you aren't a parent you need to be in it."

When I was pregnant I took an added interest in all our childhood photos, pondering what my unborn child would look like (would she be like me?) Would I be a good mum? What would life hold for us? I am so glad there are so many photos of us all growing up. I have my Dad to thank for that, which means sadly he's hardly in any pictures as he was always the one behind the camera.

Ffion's dad isn't in her photos, but for a very different reason. I literally take hundreds of photos of Ffion but I make sure there is lots of the two of us. We're a team. I want to have a record of all our time together, all our adventures together. That's one of the reasons I started blogging. It's also the reason I have kept a keepsake journal for her, so when she has her own children, or when I'm not here anymore, she can look back with fondness...

To My Daughter:

You are just minutes old here! Look how happy I am.

Five days old... look how tiny you are!

Our First Christmas together

You aren't yet one and look at all the adventures we've already had together...
We've (I've!) climbed the highest mountain in South Wales together, we've been to the beach, you've experienced your first snow, soon we're getting Chickens - I wonder what you'll make of them? Soon you'll help me collect the eggs, maybe we'll get some goats too one day?
Some days, pickle I find this all so much work, I get so tired, I get impatient with you and I feel like I'm being a terrible mother. 
But you need to know more than anything how much joy you bring me. I hope you will look back on these and know as much happiness as you have given to me.