Monday, 20 July 2009

My Birth Story - almost had a roadside baby!

Well it's been a while since I posted but I have a good reason this time!

Finally... My Birth Story for Ffion Elsbeth Pritchard!

(Welsh, meaning Foxglove, pronounced 'fee-on')

Arrived: Wednesday 1st July 2009, 2.35am
Weight: 7lb 3oz

Tuesday 30th June (5 days over)

5 am: Woke with what I thought may be contractions but I wasn't sure, they were just cramps and were coming every 20 mins or so. I kept an eye on them but they came to nothing and I got back to sleep. I got on with my day as usual, feeling not quite myself. In the afternoon I had a very runny tummy so put the early morning pains down to that.

6 pm: Mum and I took the dog out for a walk, told her it would have to be shorter than usual as I was starting to cramp again... I wanted to feel hopeful but was convinced it would turn out to be a false alarm. They were coming around every 20/30 mins.

9 pm: By now they were coming between 5-10 mins apart, and lasting around 30secs. I ate my dinner heartily knowing that I would need the energy (only to see it again a few hours later!!). This was now it and I knew it - what I didn't know was how quickly the next few hours would go - and how high my pain threshold was! Through out the evening, the contractions got closer together and longer. I was handling them by walking around alot and mum rubbing my back, mainly on the decking in the garden due to the heat!

11 pm: We called the birthing centre to let them know things had started and for me to talk through a contraction. They told me I was definately in early labour and to call again when the contractions were around 3 mins apart and lasting just under a minute. They warned me that I could be in it for the long haul as it was my first...

12.30 am: They were now coming every 3mins and lasting around a minute, we called and again I talked through a contraction. They said I still seemed to be handling them well so again to keep an eye on things and call when I thought I couldn't cope anymore.

1 am: They were coming every 2mins and lasting nearly as long. I was in total agony! Thinking I was still in early labour (LOL), I was crying to Mum... "I can't do this! It's too painful! I'm not coping at all! I'll need an epidural at this rate, I'll have to go to the hospital rather than the birthing centre! I'm a wimp!"
Little did we know I was almost fully dilated and had coped with no pain relief.

2 am: Mum called saying that I was struggling now and they told us to come in just to check. I was desperate to go in and get some pain relief but was dreading them telling me that I was only 3cm dilated or something and to come back later!
Mum and Dad and I jump in car with hospital bag. On the journey I felt a huge urge to poo!! I was mortified at the thought of either pooing in the car or arriving covered in poo! So I told dad to find a lay-by for me to go in!!! Fortunately we didn't find one and were nearly at the centre anyway...

2.25 am: I waddle into the birthing centre and tell them I must poo immediately! The midwife comes with me to check... "That's not a poo my love, that's your babies head coming!" We rush into the pool room and she asks me whether I would prefer the bed or floor, I glance over at the empty pool, she says "I haven't got time to fill the sink, let alone the pool!"

2.28 am: I kneel on all fours on the bed, stick the gas and air into my mouth and start pushing! Mum and the midwife spurring me on!

2.35 am: It's a girl!! Ffion Elsbeth Pritchard is born! The cord is cut, we have immediate skin to skin contact and she starts to breast feed.

2.53 am: Out to the toilet to deliver the placenta naturally and - thank goodness - quickly... 2 mins in fact!

I did experience some heavy bleeding around 2-3 hours after delivering which caused me to faint. They are not sure of the exact reason why, but all is ok and I quickly recovered.

My overwhelming feeling about my labour and Ffion's birth is one of relief and joy. Although my birth didn't go to plan at all, it was eventful and I have no regrets or upset over it! If anything, it makes the story more exciting (and funny too!)... I can't believe that she could have almost been born in a lay-by! And I can't believe after thinking I was coping so badly, that in fact I was reaching full dilation at home. I was surrounded by my family and although at the time I was slightly frustrated by their almost strange fascination of the pain I was in - on reflection, I wouldn't have it any other way. It was a family experience. My Mum was my rock throughout the whole time and every time a contraction came, I got through it because of her. I can't believe my beautiful baby is finally here. I'm besotted with her!