Sunday, 14 June 2009

Mama Fact of the Day

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Some of my updates from 34-35 weeks:

in other news, I am still so stuck for a boys name. I have exactly one calender month to decide. (Two girls names shortlisted...finally)
4:46 PM May 24th from web

wishing she wasn't 'going this alone'. thank God for family
4:35 PM May 24th from web

laughed solidly for an hour with my mum last night.. haven't laughed like that in ages. h i l a r i o u s. and all because she farted.
2:18 AM May 20th from web

cannot believe i fell and sprained my leg on the way home from visiting dad in hospital yesterday. unbelievable. on the mend today.
10:12 AM May 19th from web

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